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Rhodium Digital’s team know many of the challenges inherent in operating a growing professional services firm, because we are one. Our clients offer a diverse range of consultative services, from engineering firms to management consultants, and a variety of niche advisory disciplines in between. Many of them share a common trait before contacting us – their businesses are managed on applications that are not project-centric.

Project-Based Business Management Systems Offer Competitive Advantages

Today’s most contemporary software applications put flexibility and control in the hands of project-centric consulting firms like never before. Explore the tools available to manage your metrics with precision, swiftly conduct your billing cycle, and maximize the number of projects you complete on time and on budget.

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Vision to Vantagepoint 

As the Deltek Vision product evolves to Deltek Vantagepoint, clients are looking for answers and clarity on how the change will impact them.

If your firm is looking for guidance through this upgrade, Rhodium’s team is here to support you.

Advanced Configurations 

Take the opportunity to tailor your systems and processes to operate the way you do.


Bridge the gap between what your business management system offers and what your firm needs the system to deliver everyday.

Business Meeting

Curious How a Project-Centric Approach Could Help?

Prospective clients often come to us looking to ditch spreadsheets, manual redundancies, and workarounds – processes that may have been sufficient at one point but are now falling short as their organization grows. Let´s begin with a simple conversation regarding your current systems, processes and goals. 

Upcoming Events

  • DLZ Live Virtual Training Event
    Tue, May 17
    Ready to get more out of your Deltek investment? The DLZ Live virtual training event, exclusively for customers in Professional Services, offers two days of fully immersive learning to help deepen your Vision and Vantagepoint product knowledge.
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Unlock Efficiencies with Project-Based Financial Management Systems

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