Rhodium Digital & Kennedy Vomberg Merger Frequently Asked Questions

We have prepared this FAQ document communicating important information regarding our merged entity. In addition, we’ll share with you key members of the Rhodium Digital team along with their contact information. You will want to update your records upon reviewing this document. Kennedy Vomberg email addresses will be phased over the upcoming months.


Please UPDATE YOUR DATABASES (Deltek, Outlook, etc.) with the following contacts:

Ryan Steil – Chief Executive Officer – ryan.steil@rhodiumdigital.io

Sean Henderson – VP, Technology – sean.henderson@rhodiumdigital.io

Craig LaFranchise – General Manager – craig.lafranchise@rhodiumdigital.io

Natasha Verkley – Account Executive – natasha.verkley@rhodiumdigital.io

Don Kennedy – Advisor – don.kennedy@rhodiumdigital.io

Dolf Vomberg – Senior Consultant, Deltek – dolf.vomberg@rhodiumdigital.io

                                                             Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 - Why are Kennedy Vomberg and Rhodium Digital merging?

A - The combined entity increases the depth and breadth of services available to our Vision and Vantagepoint clients while at the same time offering up new opportunities for all stakeholders involved.


Q2 - What is the name of the combined entity?

A - Rhodium Digital Ltd.


Q3 - Where is Rhodium Digital located?

A - Rhodium Digital is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta. Its consulting team presently serves clients from coast to coast with staff located in British Columbia, Alberta, and Ontario.


Q4 - What are the plans for the current Kennedy Vomberg office?

A - The current office located in Aurora, Ontario will remain open.


Q5 - Who is Rhodium Digital and what background does Rhodium Digital have working with Deltek solutions?

A - Rhodium Digital is a technology advisory practice built to empower businesses with contemporary tools and processes – creating streamlined, future-resilient organizations that achieve a great return on their investments toward their people, processes, and products. We are a team of designers and implementers, engineers and operationalists, combined to facilitate the transformative journeys that effectively implemented technology can deliver.

Members of our team have been fortunate enough to partner with a range of well recognized mid-market ERP vendors, Deltek products included. The members of Rhodium that previously worked in the Deltek community are thrilled to be involved again, and at the stage where Deltek’s flagship product for the AE and Professional Services markets, Vantagepoint, has reached maturity.


Q6 - What additional resources, products, and services will I have access to?

A - At Rhodium we seek to take a wholistic view of our client’s technology strategy and we recognize ERP as the center-point of that strategic planning. We seek to represent the leading technology in particular industries, ensuring we have the top resources and products available for our client base, exactly the reason we chose Deltek. At the same time, our ERP portfolio includes two additional systems – Acumatica & Microsoft Dynamics. In the event we do not have a strong fit with Deltek we are able to help clients consider alternatives.

Digital Innovation Review

Rhodium designed our Digital Innovation Review for clients that could benefit from an evaluation of their current processes and the systems that support those today, often to solve challenges their evolving businesses face – whether those be caused by growth, market changes, the need for greater efficiency, or often a combination of these and other influential factors. Following a review of the current processes and systems in place to support those, our deliverable is a Visualization Flowchart – a road map toward digital transformation for our client’s consideration.

Enhanced Analytical Tools

In situations that clients require enhanced analytics, beyond what their ERP systems can deliver out-of-the-box, we review supplementary tools that have proven to deliver highly user-friendly functionality with especially powerful reporting capabilities. Power BI and Tableau are two of our most common recommendations, among others given the specifications of each situation.


Q7 - What roles will Don Kennedy and Dolf Vomberg perform in the new organization?

A - Don – Advisor - Continue in current capacity for a limited period.

A - Dolf – Senior Consultant, Deltek - Continue in current capacity.

*See Q14 below for additional detail 


Q8 - How will current consulting engagements be handled?

A - Current Kennedy Vomberg consulting engagements will continue to be managed by Dolf Vomberg to conclusion. As new engagements arise, Rhodium’s Consulting team and Dolf will collaboratively assign the most appropriate consulting resource – matching the best functional fit with the option that provides the timeliest project delivery possible.

Q9 - What offerings can I expect to see in the near future?

A - Continuation of consultative support Kennedy Vomberg has delivered with additional resources to focus on projects that have become especially common among the Deltek User community:

  • System Review & Optimization

    • Often coincides with consideration of moving to Vantagepoint

  • Cloud Migrations

  • Integrations to Third-Party Applications

  • Enhanced Workflows & Automation Options

  • Report Customizations

    • Enhanced Analytical Tools (when necessary)

  • Data Migrations & M&A Consolidations


Q10 - How will Kennedy Vomberg services be billed?

A - Kennedy Vomberg will invoice services provided February 1 through February 28, 2021. These invoices will be emailed by the first week of March, 2021. Rhodium Digital will commence invoicing for all services delivered after March 1, 2021.


Q11 - I have an upcoming Deltek cloud subscription renewal, how will it be billed?

A - The standard practice of issuing renewal invoices 30 days in advance of the subscription renewal date will be maintained for the time being. As such, if you have a subscription renewal occurring in March, please expect an invoice from Kennedy Vomberg. Otherwise on a go-forward basis, an invoice will be issued by Rhodium Digital for cloud subscription renewals.


Q12 - How will my 2022 on-premise Deltek Maintenance and Support be billed?

A - Deltek Vision and Vantagepoint maintenance invoices will come from Rhodium Digital in November.


Q13 - Who do I pay invoices I receive?

A - Please remit payment to the organization on the invoice, as per the instructions on the given invoice.


Q14 - On a go-forward basis, who should I contact to inquire about:

  • Deltek Products (e.g. add-ons to Vision or Vantagepoint, PIM, Talent) – Natasha Verkley

  • Deltek License Expansions – Natasha Verkley

  • Vision to Vantagepoint Upgrade Services or Questions – Craig LaFranchise

  • New Vision or Vantagepoint Consulting and Training – Dolf Vomberg

  • Vision or Vantagepoint Custom Report Development – Dolf Vomberg

  • Custom Development & Advanced Reporting Solutions – Dolf Vomberg

  • IT Services or Questions (e.g. on-premise infrastructure questions, data migrations, version upgrade support, etc.) – Sean Henderson

  • Vision or Vantagepoint Technical Support – Sean Henderson


We look forward to serving you with our enhanced scope of services in our newly combined entity. Thank you for your patience as we take time to integrate our firms. Please direct questions not addressed in this document to either:


For ongoing updates, please visit us at: https://rhodiumdigital.io 

We also encourage you to follow Rhodium Digital’s social media for continual content releases: