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Stay Secure and Up-To-Date with Vision and Vantagepoint in the Cloud

A new software solution can create unexpected infrastructure costs and take critical time away from key business processes. With Deltek Vision and Vantagepoint in the cloud, you can reduce your technology infrastructure costs (both hardware & software) and avoid the time-consuming burden of setup, deployment, and maintenance. You won't have to worry about ongoing maintenance, backups, or security protocols either.

Cloud Capabilities Overview

Enhanced Security

Deltek's intrusion detection, data encryption and advanced storage safeguard your database from threats.


Zero Maintenance

ERP in Deltek's Cloud automatically adds new functionality, ensuring you are using the latest features.


Proven Disaster Recovery

Daily backups replicated at multiple locations eliminate the possibility of data loss and system downtime.

The Business Debate – Software as a Service

In this 4-minute video learn:

• Why professional services firms have been slow to adopt cloud technology
• Main business impacts driving firms to cloud deployments
• Components of teaming with the right cloud vendor
• Costs, security and ROI of a cloud-based system

Immediate Benefits of Deltek's Cloud 


24/7 access & monitoring

Flexibility to increase or decrease licenses in blocks of 5

Additional functionality - CRM, Resource Planning, Proposals, Mobile Apps, & Deltek Learning Zone

Routine virus and malware scanning & secure data transmission using SSL encryption

Streamlined setup & rapid deployment

Monthly or quarterly expense rather than annual Support  payments

To deliver Vision and Vantagepoint through the cloud, Deltek has teamed with Amazon Web Services (AWS), a trusted world leader in cloud services. The partnership with AWS brings global scale, proven expertise, and physical security that is unmatched by any individual vendor’s data center.

Is It Time To Review Your Deployment Strategy?

5 Reasons Cloud Should Be Your Firm's Next Move

How the Cloud Benefits Your Business


“Outsourcing our Vision license streamlined our internal processes, as it removed the need for us to dedicate time and expense to activities that were not core to our business.  Deltek Vision Essentials, the cloud alternative, provides additional benefits: unparalleled security through Deltek’s relationship with Amazon Web Services, more functionality including CRM tools, and greater licensing flexibility based on an annual subscription model.  With Vision Essentials, every small to medium-sized professional services firm has the opportunity to acquire the leading solution purpose-built for project-based businesses.”

6 Signs It Is Time to Move to the Cloud

End users complaining about limited access to data

You do not know how old your system is

You acquired a company and realized it will take longer than expected to consolidate it into your system

You have a dispersed workforce that is not fully connected to your system

You recently experienced a hard drive failure and lost critical data

You have come to the realization that you are not an expert at maintaining your system 


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