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Take the opportunity to tailor your system to operate the way you do.  Bridge the gap between what Vantagepoint/Vision offers and what your firms need your system to accommodate everyday.

Advanced Configurations & Customizations

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Vantagepoint (or Vision) delivers a great deal of functionality that can be leveraged out-of-the-box.  

But an ERP system rarely hits the mark on every business process within your organization, especially those that make your firm stand out from your competition

Available Advanced Configurations & Customizations

EFT Management – Vendor & Expense Processing

Paying bills and remitting employee expense payments by cheque is a thing of the past for most firms.

More than ever, organizations require the ability to process payments electronically.  Connect Vantagepoint (or Vision) with your bank to seamlessly transfer payments to your vendors and quickly remit payments for your staffs’ expense submissions.  Your vendors and staff will be very appreciative.

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Invoices Tailored.png

Invoices Tailored to Your Specifications

Looking to deliver invoices in the precise format that your clients expect, or require?  Perfectly separate line items and position blocks of information and logos with just the right amount of space – your specific visual formats may be unique but tailoring invoices is an everyday project with our clients.  Let’s craft your perfect invoice(s) together - ones that reflect your image and meet your clients' requirements.

Custom AR Statements

To keep a focused eye on cashflow, it is imperative to have an immediate view of your incoming payments. That view needs to be in a format that is both aesthetically pleasing and content-rich.  Forget the days of pulling long and complex AR statements – personalize an AR statement to rid yourself of that cumbersome process.

Custom AR.png
Consolidated Multi-.png

Consolidated Multi-Company Aged Receivables Report

Managing multiple companies in a single ERP gets complex, but there are quick ways to save yourself from time-consuming reconciliations.  Gain visibility across all your companies by compiling the aged AR from multiple companies into a single and easily digestible report.  Save yourself time spent on manual report compilation, we know that time can be well spent elsewhere.

Personalized Project Initiation Processes

Has your project initiation process evolved beyond sending a templated document or email to Accounting or Project Administrators for entry in your ERP?  If so, that’s great and you have started toward automating your project lifecycle.  Firms that still rely on manual project initiation have the opportunity to automate and standardize project creation.  Let’s streamline your project initiation together.

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Business Brainstorm

Don’t see a specific internal process critical to your success?  

Are there other manual processes that make your firm unique but still reside outside Vantagepoint/Vision?  


Share your challenge with us below and we will contact you within 24 hours.  It is very likely our Consulting team has tailored Deltek ERP to meet similar requirements, and if not let’s explore the scenario together.  We’re always excited for a challenge.